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We are Open at all alert levels. Please allow extra time for delivery during this busy time.
We are Open during all alert levels. Please allow extra time for delivery during this busy time.

Omega 3 Vit D+E 150mL Citrus Flavour


The benefits of Omega 3DHA algal oil are many and relate to the fact that humans do not produce  Omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential for the immune response and good health. There is a little  conversion from other dietary fatty acids, but the body requires an external supply of Omega 3. 

The evolutionary process made use of what was around and crustacea (shellfish- a major source of  Omeg3) were easily accessible and in abundance providing essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and zinc  along with other minerals.  

Our DNA Food product, Omega 3DHA is produced from a sustainable supply of algal oil and is processed  in Nelson, New Zealand by SeaDragon Marine Oils Ltd in their ultra-modern processing plant, producing  the highest quality and purest oils. 

Omega 3DHA is a non-concentrated product, as close to nature as it can get, with no risk of synthetic  contamination, providing just DHA. DHA is the fatty acid that is incorporated in the phospholipid membrane  that makes our cell walls and is part of the inflammatory immune response. 

Numerous scientific studies confirm their important role in preventing or moderating many western lifestyle  diseases. #TOC_TITLE_HDR_2 

Dosage: Three to six pumps a day is the usual dosage range. It has a citrus flavour and can be used as a  salad dressing or just spayed into mouth and swallowed. It is protected from oxidation by the addition of  lecithin, a natural compound that supports DNA function and Vitamin E. 

We have added Vitamin D 2000IU per serve as this also supports a healthy immune response. Our current  lifestyle, sunscreens and indoor work habit has made over 30 percent of us deficient in Vitamin D. 

Nutritional Information per serve: 

  • Serving per pack 30 -50
  • Serving size 3mls -5mls
  • Pump stroke of 1ml (3 strokes =3mls)
  • DHA 1.14 grams-1.9 grams
  • Vit D 1200 IU – 2000IU
  • Vitamin E approx. 9 IU

This product is near tasteless with a hint of natural citrus flavour. 

It has a long shelf life and will not go rancid when stored at room temperature best below 30 degrees. Does not contain fish, gluten or had contact with nuts. 

 Presentation: Spray Pack, airlock 150mls  

  • Serving size: 3 pumps minimum per day
  • Vegan formulation.