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Clinicians Immune Support Duo


Dual sachets combine two researched ingredients BetaVia™ Complete Algae fermentate and Vitamin C to rapidly support natural immune defences and upper respiratory health.

Available in:

  • 14 Sachets
  • At times of ills and chills to support a rapid recovery
  • To support upper respiratory health
  • Taken daily to support continued wellness

Clinicians Immune Support Duo contains BetaVia™ Complete, a proprietary strain of algae sourced from Euglena gracilis., which is complemented with a sachet of Vitamin C, from ascorbic acid; the purest form of vitamin C. BetaVia™ Complete has been shown to rapidly support our natural immune defences and upper respiratory health at times of challenge. Vitamin C has also been shown to support cellular defences and is the key antioxidant to support the respiratory system. These two ingredients are taken together to make a delicious mango flavoured drink to support everyday wellbeing or at first sign of ills and chills.

The BetaVia™ Complete is a sustainable ingredient that delivers a unique combination of beta 1,3 glucan, protein and a mix of nutrients. The immune system supporting benefits of this unique ingredient are attributed to the beta-glucans, which are present in cells and plants to support them in their defence of pathogens. BetaVia™ Complete has been shown to support our natural defence system, it supports the growth of good bacteria and supports the health of intestinal cells, which are important for healthy immunity. Vitamin C is used by the body and is important support for wellness.

Each BetaVia™ sachet contains:

Ingredients Amount Units
BetaVia™ Complete Algae fementate (Euglena gracilis) 375 mg
BetaVia™ Complete is a trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.


Also contains: Maltodextrin, mango flavour, rice cuticle concentrated powder, thaumatin.

No Added: Sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

Each Vitamin C sachet contains:

Ingredients Amount Units
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 1000 mg

Also contains: Maltodextrin.

No Added: Sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

Adults: Take one dual sachet daily. Fold sachet and tear open. Pour contents into water or juice and stir.

None known

Avoid in pregnancy and breastfeeding
None known
None known