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Oasis Beauty Rhino Repair 150ml


Trusted for over a decade in New Zealand and made from natural ingredients Rhino Repair is an extremely powerful healing cream. It can be used for everything from dry aky skin cracked heels through to nappy rash and itchy bites. It’s one of the few creams that can be used around the eye area from top to toe and all those unmentionable places in-between. This product is suitable for all your family - young and old pregnant women babies and even your pets. There are big dollops of 12 awesome natural ingredients in Rhino Repair. They are New Zealand honey neem vitamin E echinacea aloe vera castor oil calendula rosemary chamomile lavender rosehip and apricot kernel.

For general use, massage Rhino Repair into dry or tender skin areas as often as needed. You should feel immediate relief. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Hint for skin care junkies Slather Rhino Repair on your feet cover with socks before bed then wake up with the smoothest feet possible!