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We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business
We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business
Head Lice and Nits

Head Lice and Nits

Head lice are tiny flat lice that live on the scalp. They measure only 2-3mm long and lay their eggs (Nits) on strands of hair. Head lice can appear white, black or grey in colour and live usually in the hair at the back or the neck or behind the ears. 

Despite popular opinion head lice can NOT swim, jump or fly, and do not carry disease. 

Head lice are spread by crawling from one persons head to another - usually between two or more people working in close proximity together (school children or family members). ANYONE can get headlice and it doesn't matter if your hair is dirty or clean

Female head lice can lay between 7 to 10 eggs/nits a night. Nits are small and hard and pale grey in colour. They are laid close to the scalp and glued in place on the hair.  After hatching the shell turns white.

Headlice can live for 40 days, while eggs hatch in 9 days. 

Anyone with headlice should remain at home (not attend school or work) until treatment has commenced. 

Treatment for head lice can be purchased at;

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