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Waxsol Ear Drops 10ml


WAXSOL® is one of the safest ways to remove ear wax. Its gentle, water-based solution helps to moisten and loosen hardened wax in the ear allowing it to come out naturally.


The first step to removing ear wax is to soften the ear wax with WAXSOL® ear drops. Just two doses of WAXSOL® over two nights is usually enough to soften the ear wax allowing it to come out on its own. 

A water based solution which helps soften and remove ear wax

 The best time to use WAXSOL® is just before bed time.

  1. Tilt your head and fill the ear canal with WAXSOL®
  2. Place a cotton wool plug, in your ear
  3. In the morning, remove the cotton wool plug
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 on the second night