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We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business
We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business

Gran's Remedy Foot Powder 50g

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Effective treatment for smelly feet and footwear.

Bacteria thrive in the dark, damp places inside sweaty shoes and they feast on your feet – eating dead skin cells and oils from your skin. And they get rid of waste in the form of organic acids. It’s those organic acids that smell bad. Gran’s Remedy is a proven way of stopping bacteria buildup. It leaves both your shoes and feet smelling fresh.

Say goodbye to smelly feet!

Gran's Remedy is 100% effective at treating smelly feet and footcare. 

Do not use on open wounds.
Use to treat smelly feet and footwear.
Shake well before use.  Place a spoonful of powder in each shoe daily, for 7-10 days.  Put powder into all shoes worn including ‘problem’ footwear, such as sneakers and boots.