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We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business
We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business

Proctosedyl Ointment 15g


Proctosedyl Ointment provides effective and fast relief from the discomfort of haemorrhoids (piles) and other painful conditions of the anus, such as fissures. Fast and soothing haemorrhoid relief, Long acting pain relief using a local anaesthetic, Reduces inflammation and swelling, Relieves itching.

Hydrocortisone                           5mg
Cinchocaine hydrochloride         5mg

For best results, apply after a bowel motion.
Wash and dry anal area.
For external haemorrhoids – apply a small amount of ointment to a finger and gently apply to affected area.
For internal haemorrhoids – attach nozzle to tube and insert into anus and squeeze tube while withdrawing.
Apply to affected area up to 3 times daily.

Always read the label and only use only as directed.

If symptoms persist, side effects develop or you have an allergic reaction, stop and see your doctor or pharmacist immediately or contact Sanofi-Aventis NZ Ltd , 0800 283 684