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We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business
We are a 100% Kiwi owned family business

SurgiPack Tablet Cutter plus Storage


The SAFE-T-DOSE Tablet Cutter is ideal for when half or quarter tablet doses are required, and is especially useful for people with unsteady hands. 


1. Place the Tablet Cutter on a firm stable surface.

2. Open and put the tablet in the "V" shaped holding compartment. If the tablet is scored align this with the cutting blade. 

3. Hold the Tablet Cutter with one hand and lower the lid, using the other hand press down with firm even pressure to cut. 


Wash in warm soapy water. Rinse with hot water and allow to air dry before storing.


Contains cutting blade. Keep out of reach of children. 

SURGIPACK, the name you can trust in home healthcare.